I am....

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   Photo credit: Brittney G. Smith

   Photo credit: Brittney G. Smith

I am a wife and working mother of two boys.  Since the birth of my first son in 2009, I found myself struggling to find my footing into being a working mother.  I managed to juggle it and even added another son to my family, but not without a constant interpersonal struggle of how to successfully juggle a successful marriage, happy, healthy children, and scaling the corporate ladder.  

After a powerful church sermon two years ago, I embraced the idea of walking in my whatever. The old adage of taking lemons and making lemonade became a recurring thought of mine.  I started to stress less, and I applied this new thought process to everything.  Hair wrecked, whatever...cut it all off! Husband wants to go back to grad-school, whatever....God won't put more on me than I can bear.  Hate your job, whatever... work to get a new one.  

Putting an end to the tug of war between the mom I want to be and the mom I am, the battle of trying to master 4c hair, and finally getting tired of biting my tongue on things that bother me, inspired me to create this blog