#GameChanger...Walmart Online Grocery Shopping

         Photo credit - Walmart.com

         Photo credit - Walmart.com

Anyone who knows me knows that when I see a flashing sign with the word "NEW", I have to try it.  A few months ago, I decided to try the Walmart Online Grocery Shopping feature.  There was nothing to lose, I received $10 off my first order.

I received an email and a ping from the Walmart Grocery app on my phone when the groceries were ready for pick-up.  I checked in from the app and headed to the store.  When I arrived they confirmed it was me, told me to open my trunk and began to load in my groceries. I was asked to check my eggs, bread, and fruit to ensure quality, and then I was on my way home.  A trip to the grocery completed in less than 20 minutes.  I'm hooked!

Walmart Online Grocery Shopping is now how I shop, and here's why:

1. I save money

I no longer make impulse buys.  I buy what I need, when I need it.  Typically, I shop for groceries with my little ones in tow. This usually equals me walking down the toy aisle or the snack aisle, which results in me buying them something because they suffered along with me on grocery outings.

2. I save time

I order my groceries while I'm at work and schedule my pick-ups for my commute home or in the morning after I drop off the boys.  I can now spend my weekends relaxing or doing something fun with my family, instead of making my normal dreaded trip to the grocery store.  

3. Intuitive Technology

My grocery list is stored in Walmart's system.  They know what I love to buy, and if for some reason I forget to add it to my list, then system reminds me to do it.  You can also, update your order to delete or add additional items within a certain time frame.  The GPS system used to track your progress to the store is amazing! You pull into one of the reserved parking spots, and within minutes your groceries are packed in your car.  

Being able to order my groceries online brings me  so much joy. I don’t have to look at sad faces because I’m taking too long, I no longer have to walk through the toy aisle to please anyone, I don’t have to ask if it’s swipe or insert chip, and even putting away the groceries someone else gathered for me feels like opening a gift on Christmas Eve. My grocery store outing replaced my "Me Time" for far too long.  Now I have time to do things I actually enjoy doing, and that is the biggest perk to me.

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Chrystal Neely