Kudos to CVS for Boldly Stating, “Enough Already!”

Photo by  Charisse Kenion  on  Unsplash

I take horrible photos. My husband, usually the victim taking said photos, tells me that the camera only takes what it sees. His statement always makes my blood boil.  I then proceed to take 57 additional photos until I get an “Instagram” worthy photo.  If someone ever looked through my cell phone’s photo trash I’m certain they would wince or turn to stone. 

Over the weekend, while scrolling on Instagram, I scrolled the comments of a  woman who always posts the most amazing photos. As I doubled tapped and hit the conversation button, I noticed a comment in which she tells another follower that she used an app to edit her face. I shared this information with my friend, who strongly convinced me that I did not need that app. (I was mid-download in the app store).  

I know I am not alone in my desire to have beautiful photos. Women around the world are trying to look like we just left a photo shoot. They are using face changing apps and filters to drive likes or to rebuild their depleting self-esteem from comparing their photos to those of celebrities or their peers.

If I think long and hard, I’m pretty sure my feeling of taking horrible photos is simultaneously timed to the launch of Instagram.  That’s why I slow clapped this morning as I watched a news segment focused on CVS returning women and men’s ideals back to reality. CVS will put in plain view that even the most beautiful women in the world have wrinkles, acne scars, and skin discolorations. It will snap most of us out of our “Instatrance” and remind us that the images that have made girls and women feel less than have been photoshopped to perfection.  Those models aren’t born with it.  They have on makeup, and they’ve had every imperfection removed.

I want my sons to understand that beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, and to appreciate the natural beauty of women. If I want to teach it, I must believe it.  Growing up I remember being teased for facial features that women in today’s age pay money for or are adding a filter to their face to achieve. I hope my mom friends raising girls constantly shower their girls with compliments, become loyal CVS shoppers, and demand that other retailers follow suit. 

Kudos to CVS for boldly stating, “Enough Already!”

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Chrystal Neely