To My Son on His 10th Birthday


You are brilliant, loving, and so caring. May you always maintain those qualities, no matter what the world may try to convince you that you are.

In this life, I have been bruised, slandered, lonely, and heartbroken.  My prayer for you is that some of what I have encountered will soften the blows you will face as you continue to grow. I realize I can’t shield you from everything, and honestly, I don’t want to. Your bruises will heal and serve as a reminder of where you’ve been.  Your charisma, determination and the rewards you reap will prove your hater’s claims false.  Enjoy the quiet time.  Use your time of solitude to visualize and then pursue your dreams. On your recovery from heartache, you will learn who to trust with your heart and who to avoid.

One thing I can promise you is that what’s meant for you will be yours. People will try to block it, hate on it, talk you out of it, tell you aren’t good enough for it, and even try to take it.  Unfortunately for them, your dad and I will raise you to block out that noise, stay focused on your goals, and to not let anyone’s opinion of you change the course of the path you decide to take.

It has been my absolute pleasure being your mom. Your entry into double digits hit me hard. I know there are many things that adults work to hide from children that over time are exposed. You are growing up. Always remember that hurt is inevitable but so is joy and happiness. I’ll fight your battles for as long as I can, but it is my job in life to equip you to fight them on your own.

Chrystal NeelyComment