Why the Disney Cruise Should be on Your To-Do List!

1.       It’s Perfect for Germaphobes

Before you even step foot on a Disney Cruise, you must clean your hands.  This practice is demonstrated everywhere you go on the ship.  Disney prioritizes the health of its guests and wants you to return home happy and healthy.  Every few minutes, food is changed out at the buffets, the staff is there to promptly clean any spills or messes that occur, and they tend to your room multiple times a day to ensure that whenever you return to your stateroom, it is in top condition.  As I walked the halls of the Disney Cruise it was hard for me not to hum, “Be Our Guest,” from Beauty and the Beast.


2.       It Teaches Your Children Independence

During dinner, parents are seated at one end of the table and children are seated at the other end.  They are given their kids menus, and the wait staff addresses the children directly for them to order their meals and drinks.  Also, they have kid’s clubs and zones for children of various ages.  Children can check themselves in, call you when they are ready to leave, and if they are of reading age, they can schedule themselves to participate in the events of their choice.


3.       You will Experience a Family Vacation with the Opportunity for “Me Time”

Disney cruises are designed to maximize the opportunities that are important for you.  They offer family game nights, Broadway-quality shows, family excursions, family dining, and a family beach at Castaway Cay.  To enjoy time with your spouse, you can drop your children off at the kid’s club and enjoy some alone time in your room, explore the various ports, participate in adult-only activities including games and “silent” dance parties, enjoy the adult-only lounge and pool, and experience adult-only dining at Palo.  My children opted to spend some late nights in the kid’s club which allowed me time to walk the ship, take naps, watch movies (including Disney Classics, new to DVD, and movies that are still theatres), and I left my sleeping boys with my husband and enjoyed a Pilates class one morning.  In addition, ships offer a full range of spa services. 


4.       You will be Transported Back to Your 10-Year-Old Self

When I reflect on my childhood, some of my fondest memories include the Magical World of Disney. I grew up in FL, so Disney World was an experience my parents exposed me to as often as they could.  The Disney movies empowered me to believe that I could overcome any obstacle including the loss of loved one.  Upon port arrival, I was instantly transported back to my childhood.  The ship, the ambiance, the artwork, the musical soundtrack, sparked the nostalgia. The feeling of if you believe it, you can achieve it seeped through every corner of the ship.  After the final show, my four-year-old son turned to me and told me he wanted to fly.  While I resisted the urge to sprinkle him with pixie dust and break into a round of "Biddy Boppity Boo," I confidently informed him that he can do anything he puts his mind to. I could easily back up my statement, we were mere hours away from traveling home via airplane.  To see the wonder and joy in both his and my eight-year old’s eyes reminded me that I was once like them, filled with unjaded enthusiasm.


Things to know:

·       The Disney Cruise in an expensive vacation.  Book your trip in advance to take the opportunity to make payments towards your vacation.  In addition, if you plan outside of the "peak" travel times, you can shave over $1000 off your vacation.

·       Everyone loves seeing and snapping photos with the Disney Characters, so anticipate long lines.  To save time, visit the character greetings during meal times or later into your trip.  The characters also pop up in the hallways, in the kid's club, and at dinner.  Keep your camera close, and you will have an opportunity to snap a selfie with your favorite character.

·       Choose an early board time to enjoy all the ship activities and get a jump on the late arrivers, also don’t be in a rush to exit the ship.  Book a later return flight to enjoy the breakfast on your final day.

·       Check your dining reservations as soon as you get on the ship and make changes the first day.  After everyone is settled on the ship, changes become challenging for the cruise staff.

·       Go. To. All. Of. The. Shows. They are amazing!

·       Prior to our trip, I read so many blogs about what was mandatory to pack for your Disney Cruise.  I found myself in the airport struggling to readjust my over 50-pound suitcase filled with all of the “must-have” items I read on various blogs.  Of all of the blogs I read, I would give the advice to realize the Disney Cruise will continue to modernize and upgrade its ships year over year.  Don’t waste time, money, or energy packing items you don’t really need.


Things you should consider packing:

  • A pirate costume
  • Wrinkle releaser (no irons available)
  • Lanyards to hold your room keys
  • Beer/Wine
  • Your Patience