Making MAGIC


One day I woke up motivated.  I thought about the steps I needed to take to feed the urges that were continuing to rise up in me.  I went grad school. I got a new job in Internal Communications. I asked for a promotion, and I was declined.  I applied for another job, and I was declined.  I applied for another job, but they couldn’t meet my salary requirements, I declined them.  I applied for another job, and I got it.  I was promoted and promoted again. 

My motivation didn’t stop.  I now have the job I sought out that initial morning of motivation. Is the urge quenched? No.  Once you accomplish your goals, you help others accomplish theirs.  I am so honored to be a founding member of MAGIC for my company.  MAGIC stands for Minorities Amplifying Growth Inclusion and Community; an initiative focused on developing minorities.


The key takeaway for me is that I failed along the way.  I stumbled.  I was blocked.  I was considered less than.  I wasn’t valued, but I came out stronger, more determined, more focused, and now I’m making MAGIC.  My children are watching and learning.

Chrystal NeelyComment