Paddleboarding Into Summer

The Performer 11 Blue Ocean Edition iSUP was provided to me for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.


Being a boy mom continues to take me outside of my comfort zone. I continuously seek out activities that my children will love and will make them want to put down their tablets to enjoy. For the past few months, my husband and I have discussed taking advantage of the various amenities available at Stone Mountain which isn’t too far from our house.

When the Performer 11 Blue Ocean Edition iSUP from Body Glove arrived on my doorstep my children's eyes lit up.  Although we were still wearing coats, they couldn't wait for the opportunity to open the box and take the paddleboard out for a test run. Atlanta as many other parts of the country has been plagued by non-stop rainy days.  On our first chance for sunshine, we decided to test out the paddleboard. 

As an assembly-challenged person, I pulled out all of the contents to ensure they were all there and to ensure I knew what I was doing before heading out to Stone Mountain.  I assembled the Performer 11 Blue Ocean Edition iSUP in less than five minutes. 

I packed up the paddleboard and my family, and we headed to Stone Mountain to put it in the water.  The Performer 11 Blue Ocean Edition iSUP comes with a double layer backpack for easy transport. For my small frame, the bag was a little heavy for me to carry because I had other bags as well.  If I downsized some of my additional items, this issue would be a non-issue.

Now about the board:

As a beginner, this board was perfect for my family.  The board was easy to inflate, sturdy, and so fun to ride. I was a little nervous riding with my youngest son based on my paddleboard inexperience, so we tried a few different positions until we both reached a level of comfort.  My youngest (four years old) went on a personal journey of fear to excitement.  When he got comfortable and felt safe on the board, I strapped him and my flip flops to the board, and we were off!  I was genuinely amazed by the sturdiness of the board.  We never once wavered or feared we would fall off.  This board is designed for beginner-to-intermediate skilled riders.

My husband and oldest son kayaked nearby and later in the day they rode the Performer 11 Blue Ocean Edition iSUP.  Despite the weight differences, the paddle board maintained its shape and stable platform.

Please note: My family has all had swimming lessons; also, we all wore life vests to ensure our safety. Due to my inexperience as a paddleboarder, I never reached my comfort level to stand up on the board. 

We only had a short window to paddleboard with the impending weather, but we plan to use this board as a summer activity for the boys.  We now have season passes to Stone Mountain so we will return as soon as the skies are clear!  I plan to take a paddleboard lesson so I can get the full paddleboarder experience.