Strive to be in the 8% in 2018

Photo by  Nick Morrison  on  Unsplash

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions focused on getting out of debt, losing weight, traveling more, or career-related aspirations. Studies show only eight percent of people are able to keep their resolutions. The reason we fail is simple, we set too many resolutions and allow small set-backs to take us off of our course. Many people see their New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside by the 17th of the month.  How much did you really want it if the passion for your weight loss, debt reduction, or travel itineraries have fizzled within 17 days?

Instead of making resolutions I know I won’t keep, I set a vision for what I what to accomplish within a certain year and I write it down.  There is something about seeing your plan on paper vs. letting it linger in your mind that makes it real and obtainable. My only resolution for the past few years has been to be a better me than I was the year before.  As vague as that resolution sounds, it gives me a blank slate to recognize the opportunity in front of me. I work to identify what I missed out on last year, what do I want to do more of this year, what caused me stress over the past year, and what will I consider success at the end of the current year.  The key word is end.  I give myself more than 17 days to achieve my desired results. 

As you have read from prior blog entries, I have gone years without sleep.  In that period of unrest, I found time to think about what’s important to me and recognize things that held me back from accomplishing my goals.    

1.     Don’t let people who don’t know where you’re going give you directions

We are all on a different journey trying to reach different destinations. How can someone who isn’t on your journey guide you to success?  You must decide what it is you want and devise your own action plan to accomplish that goal. Take advice from those who have similar paths  and don’t let those who don’t understand your journey derail you from your course.  It’s called the gift of discernment. You must learn when to listen and apply advice, and when to nod and smile.

2.     Don’t let set-backs derail you

Do you know how many no’s it takes to get to a yes? That number is different for all of us.  If something you want seems too far out of your reach, then keep stretching or try a different angle.  I really wanted a job in Corporate America.  I applied and received several declination letters.  So, I changed my angle.  I went back to graduate school and received my MBA.  I tried applying again and received more declination letters.  I found a job doing the role I wanted but in education.  I worked hard, really hard for two years to build my experience.  I set my goal in January 2009 to get a new job.  I received my Corporate America job in October 2014.  It took years for me to reach this point in my career, but I’m here! Sometimes it takes years to accomplish a goal. 

3.     Just Do It Already

Want to lose the weight, you know what to do. Want to get out of debt, you know what to do.  Want to excel in your career, now that’s a bit trickier, but you still have an inkling of what you need to do. Understand what is blocking you from your greatness and remove it. Stop over scheduling yourself and go to gym with a realistic goal. Evaluate your spending habits and realistically plan how you can make adjustments. Identify what steps you need to take at your job to get that promotion, raise, or move to a new department.  If you fail, you have another opportunity to start over. 

 Write down what you need to do to kick your goals into action and understand if you fail…you tried.  Learn from it, and try again. 

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