Boymommin' | EST. 09

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In 2009, I had my first son.  In 2013, I had my second. For these children I prayed, so I am focused on raising them to be two competent, productive, and successful men one day. Knowing what to do often eludes me, but I do my best. I'm an only child, so the dynamic of two  is already a point I can't relate to. My husband travels for work, so many of the "male" teachings are provided by me. Tea parties, dolls, and hair salon visits are not in their world. My thoughts, my training, my upbringing, is only applicable to them in certain aspects of their lives. They are different, they are male. They are Pokémon, destruction, dinosaurs, loud, and loved.


My first Born

When he's older, I 'll tell him that he inspired me to get my M.B.A.  He is the one I read to before he was born.  When I held him in my arms for the first time, my mind flooded with new thoughts and aspirations for our  life together.  I could do more, I could be more, and I started my degree program on his first birthday.  


My Baby BoY

He did not sleep through the night until he was 16 months old.  During this mom hazing period, I sat in traffic for three hours daily, round-trip, to a job where I was underappreciated and overworked. After putting my son down one night, I had finally reached my breaking point.  I applied for a job that I would later get, my first corporate role.  This rough patch of motherhood pushed me outside of my career comfort zone.  


Role Model

Through it all, when I fail or reach new levels of confusion, I can always count on my husband to be the example I pray my boys will strive to emulate. I'm so thankful for this man God sent for me. He decided to pursue his M.B.A. after the birth of our second son. I played the role of "single mom" for over two years, so my husband could focus on his career and education.  The day he walked across the stage, I felt like a weight had been lifted.  I'm thankful my sons had an opportunity to celebrate this accomplishment with their dad.