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Everyone's hair is different.  I'm not sure why that was a newsflash for me.  A hard lesson I learned after dedicating hours to watching YouTube videos, spending a ton of money on hair care products, and wasting so many hours on my "wash day" routine.  The first year after my "big chop" was exhausting. On a trip to DC for Thanksgiving, I didn't notice that my bag was open and all of my hair care products fell out.  In a last ditch effort to not look a complete mess in our family photo, I found new products that were serious game changers on my natural hair journey. 



My weekly  hair wash session includes Camille Rose Naturals Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse. This shampoo helps with my dry scalp and adds moisture back into my hair.


Weekly deep conditioning with a thermal heat cap for 30 minutes, followed by Kinky-Curly Knot Today helps to minimize tangles and makes detangling easier. 

Curl Delight & Hair Butter

Naturally Smitten is selling a miracle in a bottle and a jar.  This combo is a guarantee for hydrated hair.  In the early stages of my journey, I used creams and my hair always looked and felt dry.  Once I made the switch to the moisturizing hair butter, my hair became more manageable.  I spray the curl delight on my hair in sections, and follow with the hair butter for each twist.